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Stylish & Authentic Beverages”


State of the art – Shakes and Smoothies crafted to perfection by our well trained baristas.

Stylized Mocktail

Designed to perfection – Virgin Drinks & Shooters designed by our well trained bartenders which would give you a virgin kick.

“Freshest & Yummiest World Cuisines”


Perfect Fajitas are made from fresh crust, using dough we make from scratch everyday topped with the finest ingredients.


Freshest Burgers made by using fresh crispy lettuce, crispy patty, creamy mayonnaise and soft burger bun.

IRRESSITABLE Grilled Chicken

Unique smoky Grilled Chicken handcrafted by our chefs to perfection.


Creamy Indianised spicy cheesy pastas to suit Indian taste buds.

“Beverage Menu”


  • Mojito
  • Flamingo
  • Rumless Ricky
Smoothies & Shakes

  • Thick Belgian Chocolate Shake
  • Mocha latte Smoothie,Java Float
  • Iced Raspberry Chocolate Cappuccino

“Food Menu”

Individual meal

  • Chicken Snacky meal (2 pcs Chicken)
  • (4 pcs Chicken)
    (1 pc Chicken + Potato Wedges)
  • Bbq Chicken Drumsticks (2 pcs )
  • (4 pcs)
  • Chicken Poppers Honey Mustard Grilled Chicken
  • Fajitas (Non veg) (Veg)
Chickenville Burger
  • Crispy Fiery Chicken Burger
  • Bbq Chicken Burger
  • Chicken King Burger
  • Zesty Aloo Tikki Burger
  • Zesty Veggie Cheesy Burger
  • “Food Menu”

    Side Menu

    Family Treat
    Chicken Melts
    • Bbq Drumsticks Bucket (8 pcs)
    • (12 pcs)
    • Friends Bucket
    • (8 pcs Chicken + 500ml Coke)
    • Party Bucket
    • (8 pc Chicken+12 strips+ Fries+500ml Coke)